To help all residents following the government’s recently published social distancing guidance, the local community in Stourport has really stepped up. There are different groups now offering support to people who are considered more vulnerable or have to self-isolate.



Mutual Aid

This group is introducing a ‘local buddies’ scheme, organised by the Stourport on Severn & Surrounding Villages Mutual Aid.

If you (or someone you care for) are self-isolating and need:

  • Grocery shopping and other essentials done
  • Medicine/prescriptions picking up
  • Important letters posting
  • Dog walking
  • Someone to talk to due to boredom or loneliness

Then contact Stourport on Severn & Surrounding Villages Mutual Aid

Phone: 07532 758 464


Facebook: Stourport on Severn & Surrounding Villages Mutual Aid

They will assign you to one of the group’s ‘local buddies’ who will get in touch, introduce themselves and discuss how they might be able to help.

The group is also looking for more volunteers, and if you are under 70 without underlying health concerns and would like to help, you should also contact them.


Wilden Village


The Wilden Village Facebook group is also offering support to local residents in and around the area just north of Stourport.


It’s great to see the Stourport community rallying together to help each other during this difficult time, we encourage anyone who can do so to volunteer where they are able.